Low Cost Franchise

The Glazing Geeks is a genuine low cost van and home based profitable franchise opportunity in the home maintenance sector, if you have a good level of practical skills or above average DIY abilities then please read on.

  • Potential earnings - £60,000 plus
  • Monthly fixed licence fee - £189 + VAT (First 3 months free)
  • Average households of 84,000
  • Van Based
  • Investment - £6995 + VAT (Special limited time offer)
  • Large 200,000 populated area's
  • Continuous Year Round Business
  • Run From Home

Hello my name is Martin Brown and I run a successful UPVC window and door repair business from home working just 6 hours a day 5 days a week.

Martin-Barbara-Brown - The Glazing Geeks

Martin and his Wife Barbara displaying just a few of the components that are installed for repairs.


Let me take you by the hand as I teach you everything I know to be your own boss and a successful a UPVC window and door repair specialist.


The UPVC window and door repairs is a rapidly growing opportunity in the home maintenance sector. The opportunity is huge and with a little help from me I will train you to be as successful as I am, but first let me tell you about the potential this opportunity has to offer. In the UK almost all our homes are fitted with ageing UPVC double glazed units, each home has on average around 7 fitted complete windows with each window containing around 3 separate double glazed units.


Each licensed franchise area will have a population area of around 200,000 containing up to 84,000 households.


84,000 households x 7 complete double glazed windows = 588,000 average fitted windows. There are on average 3 double glazed glass units per window frame 3 x 588,000 average fitted UPVC windows = 1,764,000 potential opportunities to do business and this excludes UPVC doors and Conservatories the market is huge plus not many householders are even aware that their UPVC double glazing can be repaired.


Take a look at your own UPVC double glazed units and you'll see not only glass units but also handles, hinges, locking mechanisms, rubber gaskets and vents, all of which will need some attention in the future. Plus many homes now have windows which are more than 10yrs old, so it doesn't take long to see how you could easily make an excellent living running your own successful business repairing double glazed windows and I'll will personally show you how to do it from start to finish.


Each franchisee will be given a 5 day hands on training and operation experience with me, just 2 at a time so everyone will get the maximum attention, you will be given all my trade contacts for you to source spares from, you don't have to buy anything from me giving you the flexibility to shop around for the most competitive spares in turn saving you even more money as many franchisors tie their operators into buying from them and squeezing your margins.


I can fit a part in less than ten minutes which costs £1.80 and I charge £29, another costing less than £4.50 taking about thirty minutes and I charge £79 and I do these regularly.


Don't worry I'm not going to teach you how to be a Double Glazing Salesperson because you won't be fitting new windows you are simply going to repair the existing ones. Come and see for yourself, spend a day with me (max 2 people at a time) on the road on a fact finding mission and get an inside view of what I do...oh and by the way the coffee and bacon rolls are on me.


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07727 628 236

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